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Saturday, 19 August 2006

⚠️ This is an old post

This post is old… It's probably been exported and imported from at least three different blogging platforms over the year. That probably means, at best, there are broken images and links. If the post is technical in nature, any advice is probably out of date and irrelevant. Or more likely, it was the wafflings of teenage me with too much time on his hands working out what blogging is… If it is the latter I would probably cringe if I re-read it. But it's here because it's part of my past, not my present.

You've been warned! Onwards…

Reading through the paper magazine today I came across the advert section and this photo caught my eye.  It is a bamboo computer screen, key board and mouse. Why you would want that I have no idea, however I found it amusing and decided to see what else they had to offer.  All three of these were sold seperatly at a cost of:

-£220 for a 15" Monitor

- £25 for the keyboard

- £18 for the mouse

Now I know it looks good and all the rest but what is wrong with buying a £3 mouse from Argos???

I contiuned to look on this site for a little bit longed and found some ultimatly silly things such as Solar Power Headphones (£25) a solar mobile phone charger (£40) etc.  However a few things did strike me as being 'quite cool!' The water powered calculator (£7) looked very good, no more bateries and then there were the kids toys which were great! You can get a solar powered helicoptor (it doesn't fly, the rotors just go round.) That is brilliant, and it comes in different colours! Maybe I just get excited to quickly?

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