The problems with Computers

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

There is only one main problem with mine at the moment... IT DOESN'T WORK. Both my CD/DVD trays have vanished from explorer... They are in the device manager just it appears that the drivers for them have become corrupted for no apparent reason at all... How annoying is that?

So according to Nick all we need to do to fix the problem is to repair Windows. Okay so what we do here is put the XP disc into the tray and reset it.  It boots up copys some files across, resets itself and then the stupid machine can't find a file called 'ASMS' whatever that is.

To get arround this problem we go over to the MS support pages do what they tell me to do to correct the error and then spend the next hour or so trying to do it AND IT STILL DOESN'T WORK... WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT???

 Well Nick is coming over this evening to see if he can get it to work properly, I won't be happy if I have to re-install; I don't have a proper backup of my files!

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