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Monday, 21 August 2006

I have just found something great... Room Defender. Admittedly the original incarnation of this toy was a bit weak, it shot foam disks at the target thanks to a motion sensor and a turntable. This device plugs into your main supply, so no wasting bateries

However the newer version comes out of a small company Japan. This has the same idea as the room defender however it plugs into USB port on your laptop or computer and it is called NailGunner. This toy fires household nails!

You can also add to it a 1GB memory card that stores MP3 files to play back when it's firing and a 1 megapixel camera to take photos of the target. The screensaver incuded with the toy displays a legal warning that the Japanesse company is not responsibe for any injury caused. The product is currently selling in Japan only for 11,499 Yen which comes to about £80. Included in the package is legal insurance!

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