2006 Roundup looking to 2007

Monday, 1 January 2007

Well!  2006 has been pretty exciting! Loads of stuff has happened to me this year, and I've changed quite a bit over the last year!  This year started with my mock exams for GCSE's and now 2007 will also be starting with my Politics exam for A Level on the 11th!  The exams have only just begun!  I've had my GCSE's this year and I did fairly well; 1 A*, 5 B's & 3 C's, which got me successfully into my new collage which has probably the biggest change for me! Moving out of St. Andrews into collage at BHASVIC, it was quite a shock to the system, but nevertheless a  great experience and I'm still really enjoying it (apart from Politics!)

Whilst I was at St. Andrew's I had the chance to participate within Young Enterprise; Print Your Mind which was a great laugh, and defiantly an experience I will not be forgetting in a hurry!  My work in PYM actually helped me to get a job working within my old school; Downsbrook Middle School, designing and maintaining their website which has been hard work and looks like it will go on for a while.

This year I brought my saxophone which has been great playing with the youth group and over Christmas with my church band.  My plan for '07 is to get it to BHASVIC to start playing with the collage groups.  Also my music collection has grown on epic proportions meaning that I am in the process of looking for a new place to store my CD's! Top CD's of 2006 are: Universal, Love & Radiation, Cut & Move, Now is the Time and Back holes & Revelations.

I don't think I could round up 2006 without mentioning my friends, friends from school, collage, church, Hebron, and various other friends that I have made along the way!  I won't list everyone, but this year wouldn't of been the same without them!  They have helped me through this year and made it great!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have had a great 2006 and will have a brilliant 2007!

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