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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

It has been a while since I had a bit of a tech blog so this is going to be one of them! Long over due I belive! And there has been quite a lot of interesting stuff happening in the world of tech. There was a time when I used to love MySpace... I have since seen the light there and realised what a nasty site that is and was planning to completely abandon the whole social networking website stuff however Facebook has kind of sucked me back to it! Facebook has the same idea of MySpace however instead of allowing the users to design the layout of the page it is predesigned with a nice MySpace blue... But the real news regarding Facebook is that they have allowed third party applications onto it. What this means is that you get some new toys in Facebook! You can add your Last.fm recent play list or an RSS, or one of the best ones you can add a YouTube video. Yes, I know you have been able to do this in MySpace for donkeys years, however there is no messing about with HTML or other forms of code, very nice!

So what about MySpace? Well Apple Computers have taken a stand against MySpace now which is brilliant! At the Apple stores across the world there is free internet access so people can come in, play on the internet and walk out, or as Apple have been finding walking in, playing on PhotoBooth (taking photos of themselves) and then spending the next few hours on MySpace. So in response Apple have blocked MySpace! This is probably something to do with the fact that the people who come in and mess around on MySpace are probably never actually going to by an Apple computer, instead they are going to go online and buy themselves a cheap Dell which won't hold up to the armies of spyware that hides below the adverts on MySpace.

Other news is that YouTube is about to go on a serious upgrade. The video player that is currently being used is going under a massive overhaul adding more features to give it the functionality of the Google Video Player meaning you can start loading the video from anywhere in the file, not just the beginning. Also you will be able to see 10 other related videos by hovering your mouse at the bottom of the video to bring up an OSX style dock of videos. It does look rather swish!

And on the slightly less serious side of things LG have just put in a patent for an iPod dock that is built into a washing machine... I'm not convinced... mixing more water and electricity... its just wrong! Also the ModBook is going to be available very soon - its a tablet Mac...

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