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Friday, 23 March 2007

Google products; everyone has used them, from the very simple Google search, to their Hotmail equivalent; Gmail and the more useful ones like Google Earth & Google Sets... A product that has been around for a quite a while, and a product that has proved so popular that M$ has copied them on, is the Google Personalised Homepage.  This is a page that allows you to customise how your Google search page looks, so as well as having the search feature you can check up on the news, read your email, check your schedual and even play a game using your Google Account.

However this is fairly old news.  Soon they realised that just the one page wouldn't be enough so they added tabs to this page meaning that you could have upto 6 different views of Google, mine are; Home, News, Blogs, Calendar, Games and Other Stuff.

Now Google have decided that this isn't enough! They want more and the upgrade for Personalised Homepage is rather swish! Firstly you can now have a Google Talk Widget built into the page, having given up instant messengering for Lent I havn't been able to have a play, however I am told it is rather good.

In addition to Google Talk you can now customise your homepage in more ways using themes. There are 6 different themes, as well as the normal 'classic' view, each one has its own dynamic feature to it.  These features allow it to automatically update in different fashions, so for the bus-stop theme it will update depending on your weather conditions simply by putting in a post code, so when it is sunny the sun is shining in the background, yet when it is wet the cartoons all get their umbrellas out!

That is more or less all on the Google front, however there are some very nice widgets to add to the Personalised Desktop out now, from the offical Google ones like the calendar add-on to some unoffical ones like Mini-Google which hides the header and footer of the page giving you more room for adding widgets, whilst keeping the search facility.

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