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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Okay, those who read my blog know what's coming... have a go at Google! These guys just have no imagination anymore, Google Search was great, Gmail was great, News was a good idea, nothing special, Earth was a toy but now they are ripping everyone else off!

At Web 2.0 Expo Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced that a presentation application would be appearing as the final round of the basic Google Office Suite. He described the idea as "it's casual and sharing" also known as, 'there wasn't anyone already so we couldn't buy them out so we saw that M$ were making money so we'll copy it'!

So far in the Google Office Suite is Google Doc's and Google Spreadsheet, also know as clones of Word & Excel, just Internet based. Google Doc's was brought as a web based program called Writely, however the Spreadsheet was pretty much home built. Google Presentations looks to be a mixture of the two with Google announcing today that they had brought out a company called Tonic Systems who provide Java presentation automation products.

The question still remains why any of this Google Office Suite is useful. So far there has been very little integration between GMail and the current Google Office Suite and why you would want Google to hold even more of this information is confusing enough; Doc's to hold your confidential letters, Spreadsheets to hold your finance and now Presentations to hold your office prep talks?

In addition, assuming your too cheap/don't want to spend money on either M$ Office '07 or Apple Works you still have the good alternative of getting OpenOffice which is a very good basic office suite, much better so far than what Google are offering.

Well we wait and look to see Google Presentations Beta at the end of summer, anyone want to take a guess as to when it will come out of beta? Another question to ask is: how many people actually use these products often? Here is a list of current Google Products:

You could get me started in the uselessness of Google Labs... however I decided when I started writing this entry not to get annoyed with the USELESSNESS of half of Google Labs, such as Google Sets...

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