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Monday, 30 April 2007

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James is getting very annoyed with the social networking group who set up tagging.  A sample of one of my friends inbox showed just how bad this whole tagging thing has got.  There were three pages of people who had tagged her.  And what was more people had tagged her more that once, Becca had tagged her over 10 times! WHY??? Can't this company sort themselves out?  One nice feature of GMail is that you can set up filters to search for the phrase "has Tagged you! :)" and automagically delete it, which is brilliant, but I feel sorry for all the sorry people who have to sift through all this spam regularly.

This is why I like Facebook, and, although being another social networking site it has the capabability to work out who wants it and who doesn't.  If you are invited to it they will send one email.  If the same person invites you again it won't send anything! Brilliant!  Then if you tell it you no longer wish to recieve these emails it will veto your email from the system.  Ahh, I think some companies could learn from Facebook, *cough* MySpace, Bebo, etc.

Another way in which Facebook trumps these sites is that you cannot change the design.  Brilliant!  This means that the people who cannot design pages do not get the opertunity to do so, the ammount of MySpace's that I have seen that just look shocking, the internet community learn't that animated GIF's should not be used as backgrounds!  This site: http://www.lucifer.com/~sasha/anim/ab.html just isn't cool.  However hats off to this website: http://blueballfixed.ytmnd.com/ hours of entertainment there!


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