SpaceTime - Browsing in 3D?

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

I think everyone has seen the nice features in Vista now with the open windows dropping nicely behind each other and then flicking between windows like Alt-Tabbing! Well now there is a browser that does it too! To be fair it was only a matter of time! SpaceTime 3D claims to eliminate the need for tabbed browsing by stacking the pages up behind each other.

In addition to this rather cool, if not slightly graphics hungry, toy SpaceTime allows you to search Google, Yahoo and eBay from the nice window and watch all your results stack up behind one another. Just flicking through them with your mouse. Rather cool... but still a toy.

One major down side to this is that it only uses the Internet Explorer engine instead of giving a choice of your preferred rendering engine, which is a tad disappointing! Oh well it is still a Beta... still room to improve.

Overall looks nice as long as you have a fairly good graphics card and has some nice features, however not really practical for everyday usage... Maybe it will grow on me in time, I'm going to keep it for a week or so, see what happens!

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