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Monday, 21 May 2007

You know it feels a long time since I last blogged. And now really isnt the time for a blog, I've got an exam tommorow! But I'm going to do one anyway, I've been revising all day, I'm now bored of it!

So whats happening? Well a nice bit of info that won't affect anyone is that I've changed hosts for my personal website due to the fact that Tiscali think that I've breached my terms and condidtions and won't let me log in! Just because I have breached them is no reason to stop me using their webspace! So I am now with an exciting webhost called AwardSpace who are nice and free and I have no idea how reliable so we shall wait and see!

Also I have now created a nice long list of things to do after my exams... its scary that in about 10 minutes I had come up with 10 things that I need/want to do after my exams are done!

I'm going to bed now... good night!

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