2nd Generation iPhone... G3

Monday, 9 June 2008

Ok so Steve Jobs has done it again; new iPhone + new iPhone software. Basic summary because I have better things to do at the moment than blog (aka revision). The new iPhone is:

Plus with the new software you can install your own applications, view office & iWorks applications. It is looking good.

Mobile Me (ignore the tame name) is looking stunning, 20Gb of file sharing between devices, upload to the cloud and then back down, calendar, email, photos, et al. All can be done wirelessly over 3G, WiFi, Edge, et al!

We did not get a better camera, nor did we hear a large amount about the iPod touch. We did heard news about Snow Leopard… as in it exists… however nothing else, have to wait until tomorrow for that one, not expecting anything huge!

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