First week at uni...

Friday, 19 September 2008

Right, it 's Friday! First week at uni really! Has been a good time! :D I am sharing a floor with 7 other people which is a great laugh, everyone is really good and really open so we are all getting on really well!

Have had the introduction lectures which have been suitably dull however won 't complain! Start the real work on Tuesday, so far I have Mondays off, however have yet to see my full timetable so that may all change, we will wait and see!

Had the joys of wrestling with the washing machine today which was totally dull, realised 15 minutes too late that the machine had finished! However it did give me the chance to write an attempt at a CV and re-start reading ‘The Shack ’ so we will see how I get on with that!

I have also joined up on the Ultimate Frisbee club which looks to be a great amount of fun! Got the first practice tomorrow at 14:00 which should be good, don 't really know what to expect, Ben… what should I expect? I have also found traces of the Christian Union which is good, I was getting worried! They have a website and apparently I have already missed two events however they have a pudding event tomorrow at 18:00 so I will try and get along to that! Also get the joys of church shopping on Sunday, will see how that goes…

I have printed a whole load of photos off of people from home, however it doesn’t make up for you all, so just to let you know that I am missing you lot loads and am looking forward to seeing you all at Christmas!

Hope everyone is well and those who havn’t gone yet I hope you have a safe journey… don’t forget to bring bed sheets… that would just be stupid… (yes that is what I did!)

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