Road Cyclists!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008
There is nothing worse than being over taken when you are cycling by another cyclist... what adds to this insult is when the cyclist who over takes you  is a roadie .. you know the guys who dress up in skin tight and still insist in shaving their legs to give them the extra edge...
So here I am casually cycling over to Goring to pick up a monitor and I pass the gym along my road as the roadie comes out of there in his green skin tight... So I pick up the pace a bit refusing to be over taken and manage to keep in front of him through until Tarring Road where we part company... I had almost killed myself by this point, I was just totally out of breath, yet glad that I hadn't been over taken!
So I continue at a comfortable pace down to West Worthing station go through the lights, look behind me and see the same green guy come over the level crossing... so I push down a bit more and again almost killing myself by not getting enough oxygen in my system; it is so worth it mind you! I turn off and he keeps going; win to me!  However I get into the main road into Goring... and he is there again!!! How is he doing this!?! So again having to bomb it down just so that he doesn't over take me! Garg the things that I do! I turn off the road we exchange a little wave and thus ends the over paced cycle race!
Pick up the computer monitor take it home and it doesn't work; typical! Good exercise though!  Results in a couple of days... whoop! They are miles away!

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