The blog is back?

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Well I'm not sure if back is the right way of putting it - this may just be a one off post, however it will be what it is! The time is 00:45 and I am very much awake so I need to kill some time before I feel tired and want to go to bed!

Currently I am listening to Audio Adrenaline... I wouldn't put them anywhere near my favourite bands... however they do have some good tracks - Ocean Floor being one of those amazing tracks! Despite this their albums just don't deliver.

Whilst we are on the music topic; new yFriday CD/DVD, The Universal Broadcast, should be coming through the mail within the next few days which is rather exciting! There is also noise of a worship CD being recorded later this year which will be rather cool, something to put alongside Songs of Heaven. I may ask the guys about this if I manage to catch up with them at Spring Harvest this year... w00t.

I have big plans to completely re-do my website in the summer before university if I get the time, however if my other plans actually work I won't get the time as I will be earning money... However that involves me getting a job... anyone want to hire me? No? ok... The plans for the website are as follows:

  1. Redesign - obviously! The site is old and could look a lot nicer
  2. Integrated Blog - create a blogging program that works! The design to be based on Facebook's notes! Not that I would steal/borrow ideas...
  3. Editable Pages - Being able to update the site without having to go and edit code and upload files will be brilliant!
  4. Whatever else comes mind be it photo gallery or forum... we will see!
Hum... I think that will do for now... I think I'll go read a chapter of a book now! I've almost finished Christopher Reeve's autobiography... I will never read an autobiography again. Ever.
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