The Format War

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Now I know a vast majority won’t actually care about this following blog entry so I will say that you are free to leave and not bother reading this whenever… I won’t be too offended!

Right with that warning out of the way! For some time now the ‘format war’ has been raging regarding what is going to replace DVD’s either Toshiba’s HD DVD or Sony’s BluRay. Now last month Toshiba left the battle and everyone went out to buy a BluRay player and several high def BluRay discs.

However according to the head bossy boss at THX (George Lucas’ sound studio), Laurie Fincham, BluRay isn’t going to last! He said that anything that comes on a disc is going to be replaced with flash memory in the near future. So instead of buying an album or movie on disc you’ll get it on a nice little card. Exciting… not so much.

The real news here is that we won’t be getting Star Wars in high definition… sad times…

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