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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Greetings all!

I feel like a need a break for the coding… I have doors going everywhere! I have a dislike for Javascript at the moment… It would help a lot if I understood it, however at the moment I am just blindly adding bits of code here and there hoping something will work! Sometimes it does… most of the time it doesn’t.

The front end PHP code is almost all complete, just needs work on beautifying the site. The blog is all but finished, need to work out how to show the previous entries, however I can show the latest five entries and then jump onto the next/previous entry from there which is nice. I also have the site importing my Picasa photo gallery, the site pulls the information from their evil nasty horrible RSS feed which makes the whole thing very slow, however it is working now! There is a small bug if the gallery has 32 photos in it, however that will be fixed shortly!

My set of jobs for the site are as follows (not that you care):

  1. Sort out the doors and prevent them from going CrAzY!
  2. Create a contact page, because… why not!
  3. Sort out the small Picasa 32 bug
  4. Show previous 5 entries on blog summary page
  5. The backend, this should actually be quite easy to do, no java to mess with!
  6. There is a small IE6 bug that needs to be fixed… the site design just dies, stupid IE + CSS!
  7. I would also like to learn Cocca so I can write a program that I can run from my Mac to update the site!
While my computer is on you can see where I have got to my going to then navigating to James Doc (local).

That’s the plan, got a lot in the way at the moment though, Finally get rid of the Heyworth School website with a training session for the staff on Monday, I then pick up a new website for Tom Scott, who is in my church, on Wednesday. In addition I now have a real job at Wesley Owen (sorry Sam!) which will take up three days a week. Ah well! Keeps me out of loose end!

Completely unrelated point: seriously, Dr. Horrible. It’s amazing! Joss Weldon, creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, etc has released an internet musical called Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. It is both funny and sad. It’s online until tomorrow, I cannot describe how great it is and will be getting it on DVD as soon as it comes out in the UK. In the mean time check it out at

Anyway I will be off now, on the sound/projector at church tomorrow, and will hopefully be able to go with Laura to watch Vicky and Rach run the Race for Life in Angmering at lunch time. Tomorrow will be busy, however I have Pringles & bananas, so I’ll be fine!!!

Have a good evening all!

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