Delirious? - The end... or is it?

Thursday, 14 May 2009

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You've been warned! Onwards…

So if you are into Christian music, and haven't been living in a nice pretty bubble, you will of heard that Delirious? have decided to call it a day, and split up. Within the next few months they will be doing a small number of gigs in both the UK and the US, finally finishing off their career with a five six day tour of the UK (date are at the end of this blog entry).

I've followed Delirious for many years now, own all but a couple of the discs that they have put out (the albums put out in other countries), and have been to several live gigs. Through this I can't help but feel hard done by on the split, they announced that they were intending to split at the end of November '08, yet even in this time they can't put on a larger scale farewell tour in both the US and the UK? Five tour dates, all in the UK, none of which are really accessible for me... They have had plenty of time to get something organised?

News has come up that they plan to release a 'Greatest Hits' album sometime next year, however, I can't really help but think what will be the point of me buying this? I own all their music, several copies of tracks in some cases (I have 13 recording of the track Deeper...). Other than completeness why should I buy this?

In addition to this Martin Smith, lead vocalist, has been quoted in saying 'maybe a live album of our London Concert at the end of the year'. Surely we have live copies of all the songs... They have done five live albums after all!

Talk about a long goodbye! In the same interview Smith says the following: "Seventeen absolutely fantastic years, and we're still great friends. What a testimony it's been. The chance of us all getting together and playing again is very high. Now it's time to take a rest." Are they coming or are they going??? I have no idea at all what is going on with them! Why are they leaving us up in the air like this? I would expect this from a 90's pop boy band, but not from Delirious?

May many Delirious? fans get the joke in that last line... Audio Lessonover. For those interested the article can be found here.

25th HMV Picture House - Edinburgh, UK

26th O2 Academy - Bristol, UK

27th O2 Academy - Birmingham, UK

28th O2 Academy - Leeds, UK

29th HMV Hammersmith Apollo - London, UK
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