Pentecost & The Holy Spirit

Thursday, 4 June 2009

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Yesterday I started talking about Pentecost, and I didn’t really go into a huge amount of detail. I wanted to talk about it a little bit more about it today, not really going deep into the Bible, however touching on some of the topics.

The big point of the message of Pentecost is the gift of the Holy Spirit onto the newly created church (or the church being created as a result of the Holy Spirit). Before the Holy Spirit came God had placed reminders of Himself all around His people, the temple, the ark of the covenant, the tent of meeting (the tabernacle), people like Moses, a pillar of cloud and fire, etc, the list goes on… Yet even with the reminders that God had placed around the people they still managed to ignore Him quite regularly.

The Holy Spirit isn’t a pillar of fire version two, nor was it something that God created as a backup plan, the Spirit is part of the trinity of God, and as such has always been, it is first mentioned in Genesis chapter one, verse two:

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

However, after Pentecost the Spirit plays a more active role, rather than being around God’s people as a reminder, the Holy Spirit enters the believers into their soul as a constant reminder of his presence. The Bible gives thousands of characteristics of the Holy Spirit, too many to go into here, however it is a power force against the devil and his schemes, but also a spirit of peace in the rough, fallen, world.

The Holy Spirit is the part of God to remind you of God, and to equip you, it is only through the Spirit that you see what is known as the Fruits of the Spirit that cause radical transformations in lives. The Spirit is with you, for you and in you.

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