Pleo back from the Grave?

Friday, 12 June 2009

So you may remember a couple of months ago I wrote on this blog about Pleo becoming extinct as a result of the company that makes the little toy robot dinosaurs going bust. If you didn’t you can read that here. I was quite upset by this; Pleo is an awesome creation!

However there may be a future  for Pleo, narrowly missing the crashing meteor that is the economy! Ugobe, the company that owns Pleo, have died, they are no more, however Jetta Company Limited, who manufactured Pleo, are in the process of buying up all the intellectual property and assets of Ugobe, which obviously includes Pleo.  Apparently all the machines used to create Pleo are still intact, so hopefully Pleo will be coming back from the grave soon!

Just for the record, I still want a Pleo, and anyone is more than welcome to buy me one for my birthday! You can still purchase them from

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