Relient K Finalising New Album

14 May 2009

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This post is old… It's probably been exported and imported from at least three different blogging platforms over the year. That probably means that there are broken images and links. If the post is technical in nature, any adivce is out of date and irrelevant. Or more likely, it was the wafflings of bored-past me with too much time on his hands. If it is the latter I would probably cringe if I re-read it. But it's here because it's part of my past, not my present.

relient k

American punk-pop band, Relient K, are almost finished in the studio for their sixth studio album. The album has been given the provisional title of 'Forget and Not Slow Down'. The new album will be released under Mono vrs Stereo, with whom Matthew Thiessen and Matt Hoopes are affiliated with the Gotee record label.

In addition to the news of the Forget and Not Slow Down the band have also put out tour dates which will be the first chance to hear the new songs live. Dates can be found from their MySpace page.

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