Sound Track of a Decade (2000-2009)

Saturday, 26 December 2009

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You've been warned! Onwards…

Back before Christmas I posed the question ‘What are your top ten tracks of the last ten years’. Having posed the question and read through many peoples lists, I thought it was only fair that I completed my own list! There were a couple of ways I could have of done this however I decided to pick a track from each year of the last decade:

2000 - My Glorious; Delirious?

Glo by Delirious, this is an album that will be ranking high in my albums of the decade, and My Glorious is just a fraction of the reasons that it is there. This was the song that really stood out the first time I saw Delirious? live, fantastic guitar with lyrics written for real people to actually sing along with! Have a listen

2001 - Everything; Lifehouse

This year had some spectacular releases, Lifehouse’s No Name Face was just one of them, Falling Down by a band called Steve, Tait’s Empty and Kevin Max’s released Stereotype Be. This song has gained it’s place this year as a combination of a stunning musical arrangement, solid lyrics, and this youtube video.

2002 - Mother; Sabio

Sabio is a band that has only one eight track album to their name, however the album is gold. Actually picking a specific song out of the selection was a hard enough challenge! Joe has summed up the track very well on his own blog, and I think to say any less here would be injustice!

2003 - In the Remote Part / Scottish Fiction; Idlewild

There are many tracks that could take this position; yFriday’s Revolution, Relient K’s Forward Motion, Comfort in Sound by Feeder or Delirious?'s Everything Little Thing however Idlewild hold the song of '03! The track is divided into two sections, and it is the second section that really stands out for me; the Scottish poet Edwin Morgan reading the poem entitled Scottish Fiction over the top of the music, it just sounds stunning!

2004 - Control; Mute Math

Seeing Mute Math live a couple of years ago was one of those things I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Control opens the Reset EP with a fantastic electro-rock sound that continues through the disc; piano synth, raw drumming and the fantastic vocal work of Paul Meany just makes this a track to be reckoned with!

2005 - Word Play; Jason Mraz

Taken from the album Mr A-Z, Wordplay takes jazz, pop, rock and a side helping of hip-hop and beautiful combines them in this just generally feel good song!

2006 - Love and Radiation; All Star United

According to my Last.FM account this is my most listened to track of all time! Love and Radiation, taken from the album of the same name, just takes the energy of ASU’s early days and matures it to this radio friendly pop rock track.

2007 - Inevitable - Anberlin

‘Do you remember when we were just kids, and cardboard boxes took us miles from what we would miss?’ are the fantastic opening two lines of this classic track. The whole album is just a work of art, however this song works the music and the heart felt poetry of Stephen Christian perfectly.

2008 - Clarity; Shawn McDonald

Roots, the album Clarity is taken from, came out during the time I was working in Wesley Owen, I was assured that if I listened to the album enough while working there I would no longer want to buy the thing. Alas this didn’t happen. Clarity is just one of those laid back tracks that I can just put on to relax and enjoy the music.

2009 - Tonight; Portland

I discovered this band at Spring Harvest this year, and their debut album is nothing short of fantastic (you can read my review in a previous entry). Tonight is the single released from the same album. It sums up Portland’s style; chilled lounge music, simple guitar and piano with multilayered vocals. Pure brilliance!

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