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Monday, 15 June 2009

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You've been warned! Onwards…

I'm working on a full review of These Broken Hands by Portland, it is coming. However during my listening of the album, I got it yesterday and I'm listening to it currently for the 10th time, the song 'The Letter' stood out, and the lyrics really struck me. As a result I though I would share them with you here:

The Letter

I hear there's a letter,
That you wrote for me to read tonight.
It tells me you're leaving,
But you wrote to say that it was alright.
They came and bound your hands;
And led you away from me,
I couldn't help the tears,
They treated you so violently.

Remember you speaking,
You taught me of love, life and myself.
But I couldn't help weeping,
I knew that your time was close at hand.
NoI couldn't bear to see
All the pain they put your through.
It was too much for me,
The streams iof blood it flowed from You.

Don't let them strike you again now my friend,
You have the power to make it all end.
Why do you silently take all the pain?
When deep in your heart you were bearing my shame.

They came and bound your hands,
And led you away from me.
But you gazed into my eyes,
And spoke again so lovingly.
'Cause this is for you,
The pain I'll go through to make all things new.
Without me tonight,
You've no hope in sight, and for you I'll die.

And the came and bound my hands
And led me away from you.
This is the only way I'll have
Of saving you.

The album is just beautiful, you can hear some of their other tracks on their MySpace: The full review is coming soon, and I may post some more lyrics up later as well!

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