3DS Max Day One; Not Quite a Fail!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

This semester I’ve opted in for taking 3D modelling. I’m not sure what use I am going to have for this subject in later life, however it sounded fun on the options so I chose it! However one of the issues with the course is that it does mean actually using 3D modelling software, if you’ve seen some of the professional software you will understand that this prospect is fairly daunting; buttons and links and sliders and more buttons all over the place!

As a result of this, and that I really have no idea what I am doing, I’ve dived head first into this and have started playing around with 3DS Max for two reasons, firstly they have a very nice student six month demo, and the tutors on my course say we need to be using it! There are no prizes for working out what I have spent the day working on (see above image). After watching several tutorials, drawing boxes, modifying boxes, deleting boxes and starting over again, and doing this loop several times I finally decided to call it a day with a box that looks vaguely like a TARDIS.

I tried to render and export a video of the model, however I really haven’t worked that one out, it’s included after the break. If you know how to help me with getting videos out of 3DS Max it would be appreciated! While there is a long way to go with this one, I’m happy with where I’ve got too… just need to figure out the rest of the program!

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