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Monday, 15 February 2010

Please excuse the following rant:

Through Facebook I have been asked to test Dell laptops, win a free t-shirt or just have a lego man made to look me.  The latest one; test the new Apple iPad and then keep it.  The thing that links all of these fan pages: they are all a complete load of rubbish.  It really really amuses me how many people sign up to these things in the hope that they will be one of the ‘lucky few’ who will receive one of these products.

A quick tear down of this one, just to prove that this has no link at all with Apple and therefore a complete waste of time:

  1. The title: They attempt to use an Apple font and fail.  Also Apple never underline anything.
  2. ‘100% free’: Apple never do anything for free without motive
  3. ‘No hiden cost’: Apple wouldn’t put out an ad with such a stupid spelling mistake
  4. The screenshot: Isn’t even of an iPad, rather  a photoshop mockup done by Gizmodo…
The ‘Terms and Conditions’ page on this particular fan page links to a site called which is known for its love of sending out spam, on the bright side Norton have said that they don’t give out viruses!

So, just to sum up; if the fan page says that it is giving out something completely free, and all you have to do is to become a fan, please just click ignore; you never will receive the product.

Rant over.

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