Doctor Who Returns

Saturday, 27 March 2010

In a weeks time Doctor Who is going to be returning to BBC 1.  While the series is still going to be very Doctor Who, a lot has changed since Christmas; a new Doctor*, played by Matt Smith, and companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, also a new lead writer.

That's right, Russell T. Davies has gone! Those who read this blog regularly will know that while I am very grateful for his input in bringing Doctor Who back to the BBC, I find his scripts less than brilliant... Steven Moffat, who penned scripts such as Blink and The Empty Child, will be taking the helm and leading the writing off the new series.

The new series will be opened with the first episode "Eleventh Hour" which sees the Doctor dealing with his new body, a wrecked TARDIS and ultimately finding a new companion!

I'm really excited about the new beginning, sure David Tennant left some huge shoes to fill, however I'm already pretty convinced that Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are more than enough to fill it with writing of Steven Moffat.  Also it is going to be a lot more scary!

If you want to read some spoilers Blogtor Who has a whole host of interviews, reviews and links to check out, Lizo Mzimba for the BBC has done a review of the first episode, and the video below has a couple of interesting revelations!  Otherwise for those not wanting to ruin the suprise Doctor Who returns on Saturday April 3rd at 6.20pm.

* Technically Matt Smith is the new new new new new new new new new new Doctor?

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