IE9; Just as Much Fun as IE6?

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I’ve just had the pleasure of reading an article on the site CSS3 Wizardry talking about the subject of the latest incarnation of Internet Explorer; IE9. It is pretty quoteable, so much so that I’m going to try and drop a couple of them into my dissertation this year:

“Firefox, Chrome and Safari can render graphically rich interfaces using the sophisticated features of CSS3. IE9 does, well, rounded corners.”

"As always, IE is years behind the other browsers. While the rest of the Web development community is going to the moon, Microsoft is inventing a bicycle… Enjoy your bicycle, Microsoft. I 'm going to keep exploring the universe in my Starship.

“With IE9 you can keep making Websites like you did, um, back in 1995: lots of pieces of images chopped up and stuck all over the place like a jigsaw puzzle.”

“IE9 is the ugly, disfigured step-sister of the beauty queen browsers.”

“Now you know why Internet Explorer’s E is blue: it represents how IE suffocates and strangles Web innovation.”

You can read the whole article at Well worth checking out!

UPDATE: The original post seems to have vanished, however your can still read it on

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