Lord of the Rings on BluRay

Monday, 29 March 2010

I’ve been pretty vocal in my opinion on BluRay, words such as ‘optical formats dying’ and ‘beating dead horses’ might of been mentioned, alongside talk of the only people buying BluRay were those who had PlayStations… However today I would like to retract that statement because Lord of the Rings is coming out on BluRay next month!

The BluRay boxed set comes with a whole host of extra features, including interviews, behind the scenes features, trailers, music videos and more. That doesn’t mean I’m rushing out to buy it for two very good reasons; firstly I don’t have a BluRay player, and secondly it isn’t the extended editions (they are hopefully coming soon)! That said, the appeal of BluRay has gone up ten fold!

For those wishing to pre-order Lord of the Rings can do so from Play.com for £39.99 for the entire boxed trilogy.

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