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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Back in 2008 Paul Meany, lead singer of the New Orleans band MuteMath, commented on the upcoming release of their new studio album, Armistice, “Our goal is to embarrass the first record, that’s what we’re trying to do here, and I think we’re on point to pull it off.” A huge task to go towards as their first self titled album was quite simply brilliant! However 2009 came and it’s first week, in its first week Armistice sold over 18,000 copies!

However listening to a MuteMath studio album is only a small part of experiencing MuteMath, who are probably best known for their energetic live stage performance. MuteMath announced a while back that the tour of Armistice would be recorded for CD/DVD, and today they have announced the full track list and pre-order information.

The release will come with as CD/DVD combo, with tracks off both studio albums. This includes popular songs such as The Nerve, Control, Spotlight and Reset, as well as recordings made during their tour of Japan, music videos (including an unreleased video of Control) and vlogs made during the recording in the studio.

The album will be released 21st September 2010 from for $19.99 (£12.50). Those who signup for the pre-order will also receive two additional MuteMath tracks, an exclusive lithograph from the 2009 Armistice Tour and access to download the CD on release day.

CD Track List:

  1. The Nerve
  2. Backfire
  3. Clipping
  4. Control
  5. Armistice
  6. You Are Mine
  7. Odds
  8. Typical
  9. Burden
  10. Pins And Needles
  11. Spotlight
  12. Reset
  13. Break The Same

DVD Track List:

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