Official- He's is Back [Pleo]

Monday, 18 October 2010

Regular readers of this blog will have seen this little dinosaur before.  For those who haven't this is Pleo, he is a little animatronic toy, produced by some crazy company! A couple of years ago the original company who made them when bust, which was very sad, however there were strong rumours that another company had bought the machinery and were planning to rebuild a new, updated model.

Pleo v2 is called Pleo Reborn (or Pleo RB for short) and is looking to come in a couple of flavours, specifically a green one, and then a blue 'boy' version, and a pink 'girly' version. There will also be a couple of cool accessories such as a couple of 'learning stones' which enable Pleo to get smarter!  On the inside will be updated motors, additional touch sensors, temperature sensors, a clock and somehow they've managed to make Pleo recognise your voice!

Yet again the price is completely out of my league, however Pleo is still on the Christmas list if anyone is feeling generous!  For more information, plus a couple of videos check out the post on Engadget.

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