Polling Station Issues

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm staying up until at least the Lincoln result comes in at 2:30, and maybe if I'm feeling particularly keen to see the Worthing result at 5:00.  This gives me some time to kill! As such I just wanted to take some time to comment on the debate about people being turned away from polling stations tonight.

For those who haven't been following, or just simply don't care; why are you reading this blog? But I'm going to tell you anyway. Basically a whole load of people turned up at various polling stations late and then when the station closed at 22:00 were refused entry.  This caused uproar as people were being refused a vote in a significant election

My response to this is much the same as Simon Mayo, who said on his Twitter earlier:

7am - 10pm. How much longer do people need?

The polling stations have been open all day, it was clearly advertised how long they would be open, people simply should of been more organised, and got it sorted.  On the other hand, what is unacceptable is certain polling stations running out of ballot papers before the close.  I cannot understand how this can even happen, everyone who has registered surely should have a ballot paper printed?

The Electoral Commission has said that there will be an investigation into both issue, but it does mean that whatever the result at the end of the night a party or two will contest the result.  As we stand at the moment Labour have 5 constituencies, the Lib Dems have 1, Conservatives have 0 and there are 3 other seats, with the exit polls looking towards a hung Conservative and Labour parliament.

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