Rumours- Apple Special Event

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

At 6pm (GMT) today, Apple are expected to announce several things:

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple has been reported saying that what has been worked on is possibly the most important thing that he has done so far… There have been reports flying around relating to the tablet having eBook reading built in giving it great potential for class room application. With the existing iTunes Store and the App Store it makes sense to see this new device accessing both, but also expanding it to allow downloads of eBooks for education…

The update to the iPhone software is expected to bring, alongside speed increases, some form of multitasking to allow two (or more) programs to run simultaneously, such as Spotify and Safari. One thing that has also been speculated is the removal of some of the Google services, personally I’m not convinced this is true, however we will wait and see!

With Snow Leopard moving completely to 64 bit, it is highly likely that the iLife & iWorks suites are going to be updated with 64 bit goodness, if the tablet is announced there will certainly be a new version of iTunes to allow support it.

But we will just have to wait and see what Steve gives us! If you are interesting in following the announcements live head over to for news and photos as they are announced!

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