ULCU Events Week; What is it all about?

23 February 2010

The Christian Union are hosting a set of events this week on and around campus.  The purpose of these events is to share something about Jesus, to talk to people and build relationships and give people an opportunity ask questions about what we, as Christians, believe.

If you are around for any of the following events it would be really great to see you there!


  • 2pm: Lunch Bar - Question Time
    • Got a question about Christianity? Life? Us? That wants to be answered? Bring it along and we'll have a go at answering it for you! Free lunch and discussion in the Library Bar
  • 7pm: Film Night
    • We're meeting at 17 Westbourne Grove to sit down and watch a film together then discuss some of the main themes from it. 
  • 2pm: Lunch Bar - Jesus vrs Religion...
    • How does Jesus link in with religion? Do all roads lead to God? Free lunch and discussion in the Library Bar
  • 7pm: Pudding Party with Live Music (Room MB1008)
    • Louie will be talking on the topic 'Gay Ok? Homosexuality, God and Jesus.'
  • Picnic on the Lawns
    • An chance just to wind down with a picnic up near the castle.

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