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Saturday, 4 December 2010

One of the modules I am doing this year is called Mobile and Social Computing. This semester we’ve been making little Java applications to fulfil the mobile part. What my app does it give you information about your next lecture based on your University ID. For example, I’m told my next lecture is:

Lecture: Mobile And Social Computing
Date: Monday 6th Dec - 11:00 am
Location: MHT: CompLab B 3204
Staff: Derek Foster

Potentially pretty handy.

However I decided it was a little bit silly just to keep the app stuck in a Java application, so I’ve pulled it across into a web app as well. The design is taken from the University of Lincoln Common Web Design (CWD), which I can’t claim credit for at all! The web app does the same thing as the Java app, just looking a lot more slick… and it has a big picture of a train on it. (I did this at about 3:00am on Saturday. The logic was trains have timetables… don’t judge me)

I’ll be giving out a URL once the project gets handed in, there may even be a mobile web app version if you are really lucky, but for now if anyone wants to be part of the beta testing please get in touch!

Screenshot for next timetabled event

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