On a blog or in a blog?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

One of the things that I have started doing at work is putting together a style guide so we can communicate in a consistant way. I fear it's going to be a really boring document to read, but I'm loving adding to it every now and again. It's got important things in it like how to format dates and times and how to correctly link to pages in news articles. Facinating I'm sure you'll agree.

Of course much of this is highly debated, should links include 'www.' or not (they shouldn't)? Should a person's job title be seperated from their name with a comma, a colon and dash?

The big question that seems to be dividing opinion this evening is; as I write this post am I writing on a blog, or am I writing in a blog?

It seems the internet is divided as well. A search on Google for "on the blog"  yields 617,000,000 results, while "in the blog" gives 606,000,000 results, interestingly when I searched by "on a blog" I received 308,000,000 results, in comparison "in a blog" returned 401,000,000 results.

And opinions were mixed when I posed the question on Twitter:

@jamesdoc on

@jamesdoc 'in a blog', for no reason other than that it sounds better. But surely that's the definition of grammar, right?

@jamesdoc how about "jamesdoc has written his blog"/"updated his blog" these both avoid the in/on issue.

What do you think? Does it matter? Or am I getting wrapped up over small details?

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