Cycling plans in motion

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ages ago I remember being told that 'ideas are cheap'. Ideas come and go quickly. To often for me that is where they stay, as ideas. Rarely do I actually kick those ideas into the real world. Yesterday I put into action something that I had been thinking about for a couple of weeks - taking a week in July and go cycling around bits of Scotland.

One of the things I realise is that it is a bad idea just to jump into this without preparation. Independently of the Scotland idea I had set myself the goal of doing 500km in the month of May. Strava tells me that in the last 9 days I've reached 196km, so I am thinking that I may have to push the target a bit, and at the same time do more longer rides.

During my time in Scotland I will be based in Edinburgh. I know that one of the rides will be out to visit the Falkirk Wheel, however the other rides have yet to be determined. Ideas, suggestions and recommendations are welcome!

Re: Yesterday's post.

It would appear that my initial fear of the print work coming back today was unfounded. A large box full of flyers arrived today all looking good. You can see them on my Dunked Portfolio.

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