Dumb mistakes cost time and sanity

Monday, 20 May 2013

This morning I managed to empty my database. One command and everything went. At the time it was intentional, I had just created a copy of the database, however when I went back to restore it I discovered that all I had done was copy the structure of the database, not the actually data. It was one of those moments when you just kick yourself for making such a stupid mistake.

Fortunately there were backups, just not as recent as I would have liked. As a result my Monday morning has been spent trying to restore data, recreate data and poking a bit of code. Most likely my afternoon will spent trying to fix my mistake.

I've already scribbled some thoughts on making mistakes. That mistake was all about a lack of planning. Today's mistake was a lack of concentration on a Monday morning. I could blame a lack of caffeine in my system, but that would probably be a cop-out.

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