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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Yesterday I over-did myself, I think I found where my 'freshly broken collar bone limit' is. I had the foresight not to stay right to the end of The Big Church Day Out, but even still 20:45 was more than late enough for me! It was hard enough work walking back to the car after the set had finished.

So today I decided to take it a lot quieter; step one was not to go to day two. It was a shame to miss it, however I think my body is probably grateful for the rest. Instead I took the chance of a lazy Sunday to drink a lot tea and to ge on with that ever growing reading list.

First on the list was finishing off the Great Gatsby, in time to watch it on Thursday. While I wasn't blown away by the story I think it will make for interesting viewing, especially with Baz Luhrmann at the wheel (so far I have managed to avoid reading reviews).

The other book I managed to get through was the auto-biography of Anna Smith, a book I've had on my reading list since I finished her husband's a month ago. I've discovered that I really do enjoy reading autobiographies, there is a real honesty and passion conveyed when people open their lives up and share their thought process through different periods. There is also a raw edge to the writing you read because it isn't just fiction, it is genuine, real and gritty.

Anna and Martin's books are all these things, and a challenge to. How do you manage to have a touring lifestyle with six kids still keeping fixed on Jesus?

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