Sunday, 14 April 2013

I find myself replacing pairs of headphones much more often then I would like. Either I misplace them or I break them. As a result I will never invest in an expense pair. Currently I own a very cheap set that I use during my cycle to and from work, however I rarely use them while I am sat on a train or bus.

Today I had a three hour bus journey back from Cambridge with the plan to continue reading Cloud Atlas. However this plan was never completed as I spent the three hours chatting with one of the other passengers also making the journey back to Oxford.

I really enjoy these random conversations and the friendships that can be built up in these brief times. Conversations can flow from current live, to history or plans for future, hobbies, skills, current news. It is refreshing to see things from new perspectives.

The realisation that I had today was that we live in a small world; we both had gone to the same sixth form in Brighton (just a year apart), we now live relatively near each other and both find enjoyment in the sport Ultimate Frisbee. Lots of conversation fodder there.

These conversations never happen when I plug my headphones in. People get on and off the bus and I have no idea about who I am missing.

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