Jazz cooking

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cooking is fun, I am regularly reminded of this by a couple of people within my church homegroup. Last night I was cooking for several friends, a simple veggie lasagne. One of the questions that came up as I was chopping the veg was 'when it comes to cooking are you more of a scientist or an artist?' My normal response to this kind of question is to say 'cooking is like jazz - you make it up as you go along'.

I wouldn't call myself a scientist, artist, chef or musician but as I was making this joke I got thinking that behind most things is some form of science. If you look at musical intervals there is science behind why different tones harmonise with each other, similarly in design there are concepts, patterns and ratios that work well together (the golden ratio, the rule of thirds, etc).

There same applies to cooking, brining in the correct ingredients, mixing of flavours and textures all have some form of science behind them. But there should always been room for some jazz!

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