Mismash day

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

In an unlikely turn of event I am making my daily scribbling after work, rather than during my lunch break. Over lunch I enjoyed the company of a good friend and consequently had to run back to be at work in time for a meeting. Good fun!

Today has been one of those days with a mis-mash of different jobs to get done, which ranged from bug fixing an issue within the CMS, designing an email template and having a meeting with Oxford Cartographers. The cartography and mapping element of my work at the moment was something I really didn't see coming when I started working here!

This evening is going to be spent being cultured; watching a Spanish play called La vida es sueño (Life is a Dream). Fortunately it will be surtitled - my Spanish is as good as my French. I'm sure it will be an interesting event...

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