Newsboys- Restart Review

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Newsboys have just released their 16th album. They have been making music since 1985, and you would think that when you've been doing something for so long it can be difficult to keep producing something original… However Restart manages not be a rehash of all their previous work, but instead a push into new territory.

One defining feature of the band is their pop and radio friendly sound, and that certainly isn't lost in Restart, yet there is so much. Tracks such as Restart, Go Glow and Disaster all have this modern pop sound that we know and love, but as with tracks like That's How You Change the World and Fishers of Men the Newsboys venture towards electronic dubstep sounds. Do not fret though, it's not full on for the whole album, we are given places to breathe with some more mellow ballad-like tracks with a simple piano accompaniment as That Home and We Believe

Lyrically there is one main theme running through the album - it's all about love. How do you change the world? The Newboys say 'It's the kind words / A simple smile / More than showin' up / Going the extra mile / It's giving everything.' In Track three, Love Like I Mean It the lyrics are about of doing more than just talking about love, but displaying it. That Home, track six, illustrates displaying that love in a deeply personal way the as Michael Tait sings to a simple piano accompaniment of a home where '…we knew we were safe, to be young enough to dream, found the faith to believe… love had no end'.

Newsboys are approaching their 30th year, but they show no sign of slowing down, their back-catalog is incredible, and for me Restart continues in this groove. A good edition to any music rack.

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