Monday, 22 April 2013

Yesterday I suffered a mistake I had made a while ago. On Sunday I was supposed to be in Sherbourne for the dedication of my second cousin, however due to lack of trains leaving Oxford in the time scale I needed I wasn't able to attend. If I had the forethought to actually look at train times in advances I would have been able to make arrangements around it… but I didn't.

These kind of mistakes really get at me, firstly because I missed an important family event, and secondly because it could so easily have been avoided.

I've just done through my diary for the next couple of weeks noting several of the big things coming up, all of which I have yet to sort out travel for. I need to fix this.

But this applies to so much more than just planning travel for events, there is a lot that I tend to run into without doing much ground work, and as a result often they fail to take off in the way I hope for. I need to fix that too.

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