Monday, 15 July 2013

I have just gone for a run. Not the 'argh, I am going to miss the train/bus' kind of run, but instead the 'run in the park' kind of run. This is odd.

I'm in Edinburgh, taking a week holiday, the original plan had been to spend the week cycling, however a bust collar bone has push that back for a while. So instead of getting to see Edinburgh by saddle I figured I would spend some of my early morning going for a run.

The major discovery of this morning is that I actually can run. Not fast, but I did manage to get around Arthur's Seat (six km) in 35 minutes. Not only did I make it round, I was expecting to end up walking the final three quarters, I was managing to overtake some people once I had found a pace.

This raises a new problem now, if I keep this running up and the cycling, I am two thirds of the way into triathlon territory. Several people have been trying to encourage me to do this... I'm going to ignore them for a little longer though.

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