That gingerbread house…

Thursday, 19 December 2013

I’m in the process of moving to London. I’m thinking about boring things like packing boxes, and telling my bank I’ve changed address.

In a bit of downtime yesterday, I had this brilliant idea: an Ikea branded gingerbread house. It would be great - it fits so well with their brand. They are well known for their flat pack furniture with helpful assembly manuals. And for some reason their food seems to be very popular at the moment - who hasn’t heard of their meatballs?

So why not combine the two together? Flat pack food.

Imagine kids constructing it with parents! It is kind of like a food construction toy. It would totally sell out, especially over Christmas.

Maybe that is why they beat me to it. It’s called Pepparkaka Hus and you can pick it up for £2.20.

I might be visiting Ikea for some shelves soon, I think I’ll be picking this up too.

Ideas are still cheap. I’ll get back to moving house. And learning Python.

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