Tuesday, 9 April 2013

One of the big news items from last few days have been the death of Margaret Thatcher. In certain parts of the UK, and generally online, there have been upsetting reactions to Thatcher's death; celebration. It triggers memories from Bin Laden's death where many people took to the streets in celebration.

I was only alive for a couple of months during Thatcher's time as prime minister. I don't have any right to comment on her time as leader having not lived through it, but regardless of your political views I do not see how it is right to celebrate someone's death.

Andy Shudall shared some helpful thoughts of Facebook earlier:

I rejoiced when Margaret Thatcher lost her leadership of the UK Conservative party and was ousted from being Prime Minister as a result of her own harsh ethos. I will not, however, rejoice in her death - human life, all human life, is too precious to be turned into a circus of love and hate as someone passes into eternity. Love her or hate her - you too will pass into eternity. Don't fear what people might say on your passing, fear more the judgement that awaits you once you have passed through death into eternity.

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