Tough week

Friday, 21 June 2013

Work has been tough this week. A friend of mine describes these times as 'Genesis 3 periods', periods in your work when it is hard, and all you feel you have to show for it are brambles and weeds. The negative vibes that result colours everything, and it is just difficult to see past them.

The challenge this week has been to remember that is is only a season, a short period, that there is light approaching and that I really really don't need to entertain the idea of getting a new job... because the grass is always greener, right?

As I think back through some of the frustrations of this week it is interesting where I naturally try and put the blame, I try and deflect a lot of it onto other people, because they have done something, or made a decision I didn't agree with, or whatever. However if really push past a lot of it, a fair amount of my frustrations have been self inflicted castle building because I think that I've got the perfect answer. Pride simply isn't helpful to my life, it makes work unpleasant and that in turn makes me unpleasant.

Onwards to next week.

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