Travelling distances

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My current location is a carriage of a First Capital Connect train, heading towards Brighton. It is the third train I have been on this evening and won't be the last.

One of the major issues with not having a driving license is, if you wish to travel long distances you cannot go at your own time scales, or even your own route, instead you must adapt yourself to the time and route of public transport. Sometimes these routes do actually work really well, such as the Oxford to London coach service or the number 4 bus route. However there are times when it is just annoying... getting between Oxford and Worthing is one of them!

The best route goes via Southampton, takes just two trains (sometimes three), however has a 45 minute wait at Southampton. The 45 minutes isn't really enough time to do anything hugely productive with. There is a handy Costa just opposite the station where I often stop by to avoid the absurdly expensive prices of train station food and drink.

The outcome of this is seeing value in holding a driving license, however at the moment I don't travel this far often, so the motivation to learn still isn't there! I'll just have to put up with the long travel time to see my parents!

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