Hear back from BUILD 2019

Friday, 1 November 2019

Throughout the hackathon last month Bill Shaw spent the 24 hours interviewing and following some of the participants as they worked on the different hackathon challenges and projects. Bill has a BBC local radio background, and has a podcast about the work of organisations such as Street Pastors and Foodbanks. He has put together a 30 minute episode snapshot of what happened at Kingdom Code BUILD.

We loved hearing people like Jubi, who represented Christianity Explored Ministries, talk about his experiences of being at the hackathon for the first time…

I love what [Kingdom Code] do. It’s about the whole of life being submitted to Christ, and that obviously includes the gifts that we offer the world. Coders, designers, people who work in project development… these people offer their talents and gifts to Christian organisations that are expanding God’s Kingdom somehow. I love this surrendering of gifts to the Kingdom.

This is my first time at [BUILD] and my impressions so far is of worship. These people worship Christ first, and they loving coding and design second… I feel an energy in the room right now, ideas are just bursting everywhere, I’m just excited to be here!

Have a listen, and come and join us in 2020!

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