Not the Second of May… but the Fourth of July

Friday, 26 June 2020

Our last message to you was to let you know we were in a time of waiting. Many will know how difficult the last couple of months have been for us, being forced to postpone making promises to one another and starting our married life.

However, now two months on, we are so pleased to say we are finally able to get married! The new regulations will come into effect on the Fourth of July, and so obviously we chosen to get married on that very day! We will be making our vows to one another at 2pm next Saturday at our new local Parish Church- just a stone’s throw from our new flat. We can’t wait (and Nat can’t stop crying).

Whilst we are so pleased that the new government rules allow 30 people in attendance (which is a significant increase from the 5 that we had prepared for), we are saddened that this means we cannot have the number of guests we had planned for. We are so very sorry to miss you. The day will be filled with joy but also a sadness of losing the celebration we had planned with you. We have deeply valued your prayers, support, kindness and gifts during this time, and will continue to do so going forward.

We are aware some couples will be opting to ‘livestream’ their weddings in order to enable all of their guests to watch from home. We have considered this carefully, but chosen to not pursue this as an option. We are sorry that this means you won’t be able to watch. We would have loved to have had you join us in person.

Finally, many of your have been incredibly generous through our gift list, which we are pleased to say is back up-and-running. We will be placing the order shortly and they are expected to arrive in 4–8 weeks(!). We can’t wait to move them into our flat and to enjoy using matching plate sets, cooking with shiny new kitchenware, and tools for our new little garden!

Thank you so much for your kindness and please be praying and celebrating with us on the Fourth of July.

Best wishes,
Nat & James

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