Install a custom font into a Netlify Docker Container

Saturday, 5 November 2022

This weekend I’ve been implementing automatically generated opengraph images for blog posts as a quick experiment for a side project I’ve been planning. There are number of methods to achieve this, Bernard Nijenhuis’ Eleventy only solution is really neat[1]. I’ve followed that implementation (related commit) and it’s working really nicely[2].

The issue is that my modifications (and design for the social graphic) relies on having a custom font install at build time. That’s not something that Netlify has in place.

So… how do you get around this minor issue? You install the font.

Netlify spins up a Docker container to run your build, this means that you can run a bash script in the container:


# Make a local font folder
mkdir ~/.local/share/fonts

# Copy the font from the repo to the right place
cp src/_assets/fonts/space400.ttf ~/.local/share/fonts/space400.ttf

# Reload the font cache
fc-cache -f -v

Then, in package.json file for the script that Netlify runs we can trigger that bash script to be run before anything else (such as the 11ty build) kicks off.

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "ELEVENTY_ENV=development eleventy --serve --incremental & mix watch",
    "netlify": "bash utils/ && ELEVENTY_ENV=production eleventy && mix --production"

Magically the custom font is installed and is now available for any requirements you have later on, like generating a whole bunch of social media graphics.

The tweaks to make this work are all in a commit for reference. Many thanks to Bernard for open sourcing his 11ty site.


  1. The basic summary is that 11ty can be used to generate more than html files. Eg, it can generate svg files, and then the 11ty Image plugin can convert an svg to a jpg… Pull this together and you can get a unique svg for each blog post or page, and then that svg can be turned into an image ready to be served up as an open graph graphic. ↩︎

  2. When I say really nicely… all the images are generated, however it turns out that I’m generating a lot of images which has slightly slowed down a fresh build (thank you 11ty caching for saving the day there). ↩︎

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